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Vocation journey

Uninterrupted rain has fallen the past few days. Humid climate makes people drowsy and tired to ride into the fields. In one afternoon, my family sat coal stove. My mother was cooking water, my two sisters sat next three to get warmth in the arms of three. At that age I was 5 3 years old my brother. Three blurted naturally asked me “Do you want to grow up to become a monk as Aunt Rosary not?” Without thinking I replied, “No! I want to stay home with three. “My dad cut my momentum,” The inertia in the house which contained the child is learning. “I firmly replied:” Three children on that figure that will climb the wall out. “Three I smile and hold me close crispy.

Say that, that’s not the case. Around 13 years later, my father passed away more than a year. I asked my mother, “Mama! My mother looked at me for a moment and asked, “Can you go?” I replied, “Please give me a try. If you do not see me, then please. But she was not revealed to anyone that she was a monk. Anybody ask me to say that I go to school for a long time to visit my mother. “My mother thought for a moment and said:” If you see, then go. I did not stop him. “Then I prepared my packet for the path to the Finding in Cho Hoa. This is my first time away from home, so I like the “yellow deer fooling on yellow leaves” when walking to the monastery. I am very speechless and timid and only greet when needed. I’m so shy that the aunts in my favor call me home with my mother. However, I was salvaged because through the animation show at the end of the call to find the aunt saw me have some hope that can be cultivated so the aunt decided to join me disciple 2012.

However, I was a glitch again that I must pass an exam grade graduation 12. If I do not pass an exam that I have to stay home until I finished her graduation program. On the way back home after the course to learn the vocation I told the Lord: “If the Lord wants me to cultivate it for the exams are over.” And the Lord would like. I have passed my exams and joined Disciples Rosary Institute 2012 years.

The five shared life with the sisters in the early stages I just know where I entrust life and everyone in the family to God. I really feel helpless for myself and everyone in the family to hear the news cheeks hurt or sick children. I only know quickly ran into the church with him alone tantrums. Many times God teasing me like my father teased me a day before. When he saw me as he prepared crybaby situations change and make me laugh even when there are tears welled. I closed my eyes and let him go on the road led to dedicate the rest of his work on my behalf.
And then I was chosen to share life with the aunt in the Province of Queen of Peace, USA. My foot wet and dry two years to learn English in Thailand. During this time, I again noticed the Lord’s providence stretches of my life when living in a foreign land. In two years of my vocation Rosary to be strengthened. I decided to follow Him in all circumstances.

After meantime papers, I understand that what is the will of God. Live each day going through the three vows with the sisters, I think that motivated me the most were living trust and trust in God in every moment. Every day I see clearly consecrated life need to let go of the ego is not easy to give up such an item away. It requires a spirit of faith and charity courage to completely surrender all things big and small for God. It is best to look at all the events and downs of life and always be directed towards the providential will of God because if He had not driven guidance does not know my life will turn out.

Thank you, God has given me more than what I’ve always said I wished to praise him in every situation of life.


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