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… Still is a mystery …

What motivation did I decide to follow the path of consecrated? … At that very dreamy adolescence, growing up is going to do a fashion designer or clothing business is a charming woman; have spacious homes in the hills above the famous poetic. A summer and that, at that time I was about ten years old 16 concerns about the people say that God is present in the tabernacle and the Mass but why not see so many people go to church ??? Done I feel sorry for God, poor God. So last summer I plan my brother drove me to go to church every day because I did not know the driver … In school started back I no longer go to church as before, too, have missed that …

Time passed, I kept pursuing dreamy carefree available for your drawing. Until the second semester I completed undergraduate coursework in business unconnected stars that many headaches that moves hustle! Starting then gradually shattered dream to enter the world of reality. By this time the mind is not known for attention to religious life as well as never thought I he’t monk. The fact is that I need to change other industries studied with his ability, but you can help other people and cultivate more social way communication. See also X-ray industry without the complexity or perennial as nurse practitioners or physician which is also made in the hospital environment. 2004 years while waiting to be admitted to my industry friends to buy tickets at the last 2 “Come & See” Lovers of the Cross of LA. Back then go and follow the movement going, “come and see” it. Later that week the sisters also went to the conference should be the time that the Holy Spirit introduces the Congregation for the children have little. After flying back home and saw no impression at all so do not want to go back.

Next I was accepted into the industry and since then I put all my energy into my studies and the weekend of the Eucharistic Youth. In the last year I went to practice my specialty. It is very much learned between the knowledge environment and the real environment; Seeing the good side of loving kindness as well as the dangers in the machinery of the world. I was fortunate to meet so many different souls in society. Every soul has a past and faces a present that is full of worry and anxiety. I feel their distress and wonder what in the world there is to be something that can calve or give them peace? For about half a year of the year of practice, the bible “leaving the teacher knowing by whom” appears in my mind more and more. This verse shows me more clearly the importance of God in particular, but only that. One day I do not know why I think if I have learned success and career up high, and high precursors like mountains then? I use the money to do charity, then why? Sometimes, before I go to sleep, I feel the energy in my heart that motivates me to do something with this awakening. While waiting for the results of the graduation exam, I decided to buy a ticket to the Rosary. The reason for the visit to the MC line, not the other lines of the message on the Heart of Mary is because of the name of the line or hear the simple look down the face of the newspaper that the newspaper on the face of the newspaper. Why “he”!

Entering the gates of the provincial house, the natives saw 2, a very young woman, cleaning up in front of the gates of my visit to the Order. I guess it’s normal to wear a normal shirt to work, not a maid. The way of talking of the first semester makes me think in my head “Oh, are you so relaxed and happy like this?” Since it was during the exception, I was in charge of the companion vocation in 1. week. Hours of business and activities of the sisters stay with me the most. On the way home I’m sorry to God if my score is good, then I will pack into the line that is not reached, then discard it as a sign I have no vocation. That’s silly! Because I’m still afraid to fail to cultivate, I have to beg back to go to school. So it’s good to do so … The day I flew down to the Order on Mother’s Day, originally intended to fly down a few days earlier but did not know what to do in my head. To buy another day tickets, at which time know the birth of Mary is the day! Thanksgiving and thanksgiving to Mary who always wrapped me today.

Oliu, FMSR

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