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Death instructs how to fully live

Human life is like a flowing river that never stop and it is a treasure that never drains. To be able to grow up and complete his life, the writer thought: the knowledge in books will never be sufficient for a mental desire to learn and explore. In contrast, the view out was very simple in everyday life, sometimes teach us valuable lessons, to help each of reflection and contemplation about the meaning of life. So, just as you and I sink into the realm of silence to look down the stream of life, and when we see this life so much sorrow.

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit a cousin awaits his death sentence for possession of cancer disease. Looking ones are writhing, struggling with the pain, but pay back my soul, laments. On the way home, the car bon bon honda every run, carrying so many thoughts in my head about the fate fragility of human life. Knowing that: Everyone has one born in my life and also one-time farewell blindly hand down the human place to go into eternity. Yet inexplicably, when witnessed firsthand about to permanent ones go on the other side of the world, I could not stop crying.

I was thrilled to hear these words from the hearts of people who are in despair. My soul aroused admiration for the courage of an attitude to God soul. The main Faith and hope in the risen Christ has helped them ready for the cross and see it as a means for their merits and faults of the family … The pain pain, patients still enough to remind me: “You be faithful in the Lord and do not forget lifetime offline doctors are meant to pray for the Lord. God gave life to this day doctors have is a gift then. Uncle is also leaving this time was then Asia. “

A gentle but sincere advice can also make me and you think a little more. Perhaps, we have to regret the many times in life, you and I wasted so much time, when we neglected to train ourselves, when we fell for temptation, when we did not try to complete Obligation to be given … And also how many times, we let ourselves to the frustrated, frustrated siege of life, when we ourselves do not try to rise, or sometimes we complain about life , When I want to leave behind everything to run what flashy outside … Let’s ask ourselves: how do I live today? What has done for life? How did you love How did he dedicate himself? Because every present moment will turn away without ever saying goodbye. We also can not revive yesterday, nor can we replace it by tomorrow. One of us just lived once and only died once. Journey to the boundless realm of each person is like a stream of water also have to coast to the sea. Any love, love, jealousy hate there is a day to tan the rain drops, and then when the last bell rang, send the soul in thousand wind fly to the shore of each person.

You and I know the honor and gratitude to the people we met, who had a couple of times through our lives, thank the sincere sharing and the message is to weave the life of each person . Make more efforts every day, to be able to become a small instrument in God’s hands almost brings hope to those who are faced with the suffering that we encounter in life seen. So, every minute, every second, you and I be aware how alive today will die tomorrow.

Huyen Nhiem, fmsr

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