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“… To be with him and to be sent out …”

LittlestarThe theme of the General Chapter 22 key as a message is very meaningful to me. After three years of hard studying Theology in high school, I was sent as apostolic mission in Thailand. A place not unfamiliar to me since I’ve been here eight years ago when he was a child Disciples. Now I’m no longer a child but a disciple temporary professed sisters in black garb.

Swiftly took two months passed quickly since I came here. Everything that happened to me just like a dream full of fun and surprises with a mixture of emotions difficult to describe.

When he arrived in Thailand, my first job was to go see Dr. Suwat-headmaster University. After the talk, the teacher asked if I was ready to work yet. I just laugh alone, not knowing what I could do here. Then Dr. Suwat lead me to introduce to the staff of the office. Finally he took me to to introduce teachers and students to India. They also just from India to Thailand to study, they are industry professionals chua Hotel Management.

Doctor tell me I will work in the office of India. When he saw people, I feel very surprised when I saw them from professors to students both male and dressed, polite in suits and suit-tie … In the office I work three Indian professor. I learned a lot working places of the three ways the professor. In their work and behavior very seriously, clearly and politely, but always mixed a little fun and humor. When working with them at first I felt nervous because I could not understand what they say. For me, Indian English is difficult to understand than the English of the Thai people. But after a while thanks to the patience and kindness of the teachers here, they said to help slow down I can understand them easier. I silently gave thanks and praise to God.

When working in the office I have the opportunity to meet and talk with professors from other countries. Most of them are not Catholics. So they are very troublesome to me when they see me in black dress. Most of them asked me the same question: “Why are you going to cultivate?” I just answered them one sentence because: “I love Jesus Christ.” When I finally answered, most Everyone also find it difficult to understand. They questioned me a lot about Jesus Christ and about Catholicism. In the ability to understand as well as within the limits of English capital I have expressed my conviction for them. I saw that as an opportunity for me to evangelize. I can not make them understand right then because they understand or not thanks to the glory of God and their openness to receive. And I, in my ministry, am very happy to have the opportunity to express my conviction in the ideal of Christ. The seed that I sowed knows that it will scatter into a good land. A Hindu professor told me: “I sometimes go to church with my friends, because I feel there peace, deep down.” I wish the seed of her soul was bouncing. germ.

Also, directly in the office when I have the opportunity to work with students. Everybody looks mature students but they were smaller than I from eight to ten. Because professional learning Hotel managenent so they always very polite as a true management of a hotel. However, sometimes they are very funny and do not be afraid to lament with me the issue of personal privacy. They see me as a trustworthy person to be able to share. I do not do for the children in addition to listening, encouragement and consolation.

Office work is just “part time job”. So in the morning I worked in the office, while the way I went to school like the other students. Most of the students in the school are Muslims. I was surprised to see the female students dressed in Islamic style. Not only that, most Muslim students often pray five times a day in the Muslim prayer room. When I saw my dress in class, the professors and students were surprised because they have not seen so ever. In the early days they seemed reserved with me, but in the days that followed, they did not hesitate to give me many questions as to why I was going to practice. “Do you wear clothes every day? “,” Why not get married? “,” What else is there between Catholic, Anglican, Protestant and Orthodox? ” I turn to explain to you but I know you can only understand a part only. For them, I have always been a big question mark because they can not understand how I can give up everything to go to practice.

The days of the week I go to school, and on Saturday and Sunday I go to church to teach catechism and singing. When I was given the work of teaching the New Catechism and singing I had no experience. But when it comes to work, I realize that God wants to tell me a lot through my Vietnamese brothers here. My life is so peaceful, that I was made known to God by the Lord God, to practice singing is what happened naturally in God’s plan. But why are there people who want to be children of God, want to practice singing too difficult and hard. Vietnamese sisters here have to travel a distance of one to three hours to reach the church to go to church, practice singing, learning catechism. Moreover, there are people who work at night like car, cooking, sewing, so on Saturdays and Sundays they can only sleep for two hours because they work for three to four hours a night. bright. Morning rush to get up early to catch the car to go to church. Their path is not only far away but also very dangerous because they are afraid of the police asked for papers. Whenever I see the sisters struggling hard to come to God I feel sorry and sympathy. I just wish I could do something for them. The field of the Lord is so immense, that I am only a reaper too small and useless. I can only do small things like helping them understand God and praying to Him. For the rest, I can only ask the Lord for blessings and help them to keep their hearts and to seek God.

After a day of work and school I returned to the community to pray with her, pray, share meals and share what happened where they are sent. I feel the warmth of each community when they return. The community, though only four people but always boisterous laughter, and despite busy but always had time for God and for each other. Father Travis said, “to see the whole community is present in the Eucharist we look like a family.”

In short the first few months of the apostolic mission has brought me many pleasant surprises and grow more in Faith. Every day before I go out of the house before the Blessed Sacrament close to bespeak special courage, as a soldier into battle sortie. Thanks to trust in the Lord that I have more energy to go. The fact has given me more experience and deep truth about love and God’s providence. For me the verse: “to stay with him and let him go wrong ..” was said to be the two complement each other dimension of consecrated life that is “in with” and “sent him away.” Thanks to the God I can boldly go evangelization. And thanks to the departure of evangelization more I rooted deeper in the intimate life with God in prayer.

“Lord, I thank God for the child to be with the Lord and the Lord sent him. May the Lord use me as His instrument of peace and is always ready for you sir to the Lord, saying, Here I am Lord, I come to do your Will. “

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