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Thy Body Show

1937 John Griffith – a driver who worked for the ships, railway crossing on the Mississippi River’s tributaries in the state Mississipi has shocked the press and the American people when he made the move higher rooftop’s lives 8-old son to revive her for about 400 hundred passengers on the express train Express Memphis …

After fathers sinned disobedience. Millions and millions of sheep, cows, pigeons … is dedicated to ask God to forgive the sins of his people … but still not compensated the footprint sin! Because humans have offended the King on the King should have only one equal with God who are eligible for the temple to pay the righteousness of God. Therefore this way for more than two millennia Father wanted His Beloved Son to give his life as a ransom for the sins of the house instead recommended for humans. Second Person of Jesus God has voluntarily obey His Father to rescue the Italian people throughout the ages from the bondage of sin and death!

In order for the Father is expressed. Jesus had to completely humbled, destroyed himself as not to put on flesh and blood body (Phil 2: 6-8). His childhood was taken away to flee to Egypt-life refugee status butter Maldives where a foreign land. He is also bringing limited, frail like a man should have to bear the temptations inclined toward the desires that humans often have the delicious ham, ham and ham fame wealthy (when he is in 40 desert night and day). He also experienced difficulties in giving birth deprivation Bethlehem grotto poor, stinking, then the misery of life in the village carpenter of Nazareth little in 30 years. He always took the Father’s will is the guiding principle for life (Jn 4,34); “My food is to do the will of him who sent me, and finish his work,” he also lived lives of people wandering vagrant in 3 his last years without a certain place to go preaching the Gospel of the kingdom of heaven (Mt 8,20) “Foxes have holes, and birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head” In his final days he was subjected to suffering (Mt 26,38) “soul Master sad sad to die. ” These guys’ disciples, the seller, who then refused. In his oil trees to clear the full obedience to the Father (Luke 21,42): “Father, if thou be willing, remove this cup from me. However, please do not let the children shown, that is the Father. “He also shall be beaten, suffer humiliation, contempt subject to ridicule, challenge, rather than a disgrace robbers killed who is Barabbas … on the cross He also felt that the Father who trust him and obey every abandoned; “Why give up the Father.” He died the death of painful humiliation to the Italian expressed his Father. Then humanity enjoy His grace brings salvation. In (Heb 5,8) has said, “Oil is the Son of God, who had to undergo a lot of suffering just learned how to obey.”

Every day I have repeatedly read the Lord’s Prayer when reading I ask for Your will to show off, but many times not like Jesus, in life I did not thy will when I do not obey those whom the Father set on i in life. I do not follow Italian Father or my own way. I did not receive those whom the Father sent to me in my life. I also do not enjoy receiving these situations, the work which the Father warehouses, hardships, disease, risk, or the limitations of the human condition … I ask God to help me, and you always know to look His example known to entrust the lives of His Father, to imitate him in all things, said relying on His grace for Thy help to be expressed every day in the lives of us so we enjoy thanks his salvation and through us, salvation for the souls that we are serving or meet daily.

In sentiments thanked God the Father Obedience should have brought salvation to us.

Sr. Hong An, FMSR

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