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The Gift You: Acknowledgements


In a short time life or longevity though, everyone has also received many gifts. There are precious spiritual gifts and expensive gift items. According to nature everyone is impatient, exuberant want to get many gifts stolen. But when the arms of the gift of appreciating the gift is freed manifested through the warm or tepid reception of the receiver. There are gifts received a very precious, every day is brought to look caress; with the gift received and brought nonchalantly forgotten in back of the house; there are gifts took it and passed into the hands of others ….. …..

Every single scene in the cave of Bethlehem coward on display in a corner of the chapel. Whether the main character, Baby Jesus, not yet in place, I could see the tiny body of the Child Jesus. A sense of peace and love always warm my heart whenever occupy sat and prayed with this familiar setting. Son was the God throne in exchange for flesh that I became a child of God. Just think of this idea alone, I have felt that God himself is love. A great gift pitifully. I cherish a gift should not only today I sit here contemplating, that every day, you have to bring that gift to look and find a way into your life to share the joy of the gift with fellow human beings .

“Strangely Normal Park”, “Within a second.” The first-hand experience of the article was born thanks to the encouraging spiritual gift that Sr. Yen has given me in the early days of the consecrated life. Sr. Yen is not only encouraged, but is now also a faithful reader of my ordinary pen. Cherish this spiritual gift, I was trying to keep from being eroded. And thanks to the preservation of this gift that I have realized I enjoy many benefits such as conservation of flowers mother tongue, language Vietnam. Number is capital essay writing my spelling at elementary level 3 he left Vietnam, and when he heard the heart urging wrote these words, then noticed his feelings too poor in the language and the noun describes investment idea in mind. Not so that to give up, I did research to learn and read Vietnamese books. Going further, vows occasion, I asked the family a special gift is the Vietnamese-language dictionary to help with writing. A greater encouragement is that I feel the Lord is your preference in life. I often say to myself, just be expressing sentiments on the page after a meeting, once felt the Lord even for a moment, a life experience ….. In these times of secret prayer rule, I have read the article of the series on past experience to continue to recognize the weakness of myself, the need to rely on the Lord and His presence is always close next in life. Oh beautiful gift for description, swift pen … Maybe even have to write many pages to describe this gift.

“One should not forest trees.” Indeed, the program was apparently Ky Children today are so many hands build, not by an individual arch. Looking back on the first day of the Rosary Sisters responsibility to the Children’s Name, I cherish the solidarity of the sisters in the initial step of the way. Despite living sister congregation but only one common prayer, a shared lunch hour can not understand and are empathetic as women struggle with each other live together 8-9 hours a day in the same environment bare. Whereas the joint cooperation in the apostolate, and sisters from the congregation had gathered to shape a pilot preschool younger generation towards a bright tomorrow life have come together to share the difficulties missionary of the environment, together striving vicissitudes current social life and the mutual support in the crystal center consecrated life. In this environment, women who are aware of any sentiment in yourself quickly outbreak or changed in an instant, from a gentle nuns to a line she vehemently bearish. And try to overcome the stress of the job is to confront, all sisters ready for the distinct personality of each other. Everybody has talents and God-given talent. The beauty here is that I feel ready to give way sisters and given the responsibility to properly qualified hand work done whether that hand young and inexperienced religious life. One day in central Ky Children live like a song with lyrical and musical notes, all notes are put into place to make a joyful song that children love to sing and spirit Ma-page refreshing .

The turban ceremony, celebrate Ngan Khanh, Kim Khanh consecrated life. Each holiday celebrated solemnly held in the cathedral is to accompany the lavish parties where the hall. Relive the days of old when the dinner dishes are made by sister in charge, I must respect the invaluable collaboration of all the sisters in the original cuisine. My spiritual gift is in place to receive you as collaborating in the special occasion this is mutual trust. I believe you when dividing work even at that time I was working in the office. Collaborate, sisters welcomed the mission and completed a flawless job. Sometimes you have to get nearly all night to complete the dish, but the time “watching the dishes” that you are sticking to each other. Sisters easily open their hearts to share Alley and the sisters went to the realm of freedom ulterior privacy. You have turned rather trust cordial tighten sisters.

“Ephphatha”, “Metanoia” The weekend retreats for high school catechetical programs take place several times in a school year. It is the grace of God bestowed on time and on schedule. Looking back on schedule in the days sisters serve catechetical programs and weekend retreats, I am convinced, thanks to the apostolic zeal that God has power steering assist for each according need. Sisters everyone whose main job during the week, but when it comes to need the help of the youth retreat, then everyone would be happy to contribute to the apostolate and also expressed the support of sister static charge training program. According to the arrangement of the program, you stop the hands at work on Friday afternoon, set off to attend the lock until Sunday afternoon and Monday morning everyone back to work everyday. Eyes looked bloodshot, his face pale green in the office or signed pediatric center on Monday morning, the sisters are known for enthusiastic “engrossed” in static training weekend should have insomnia because they have to “soldier night watch “for unruly pupils, seizures want hurdles. Even those who were struck down several days but still “more aggressive” Volunteers for successive spiritual exercises. Oh zeal of God’s work, you have to forget your enthusiasm. Thank precious gift I have received from you.

In the song “Thankful, Thanksgiving,” there comes to mind the broad view, looking away to feel the joy of the people, of the world around us; and each person with open arms to go instead of waiting to receive; let’s hope and pray that a change from itself. Whether the per person can not change a lot in this complex world, but know one thing anybody can do is to live FOCUS ON THANKSGIVING, APPRECIATION.

To live gratitude, I always bring gifts received each day to look at and try to apply immediately to the habitat. Life today is somewhat changed from the accommodation; but, the gift I have received today is backed me confident and mature. I have a solid life today is thanks to the donation yesterday. And even now I sense that yesterday when receiving gifts, I have to hand drums, I had to go to take something new and this new change who I am.

There courtesy gifts people want to know their gifts were given away ….. move to another hand. But for me, so cherish the gift, I do not mind repeating several times about the gifts he has received. And with the confirmation of this gift, I’m mean ….. transfer this gift to the hands of others. I know one when I received the gifts were handed over to the next person, I was living gratitude and thanksgiving.

Sr. Snow-Down, FMSR

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