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Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary

CEREMONY Lady of the Rosary
Luke 1, 26 – 38

Hail Mary, full of grace

Mary’s life is a constant prayer constantly. Mary was an example for humanity, for human beings, for each person on how to pray. Magnificat prayer, a prayer of thanksgiving to Our Lady superb. I pray to thank God who humbled grateful to fate lowly handmaid of the Lord. I pray to connect

the man with God and connecting heaven and earth. The Rosary is prayed affordable way, easy to read, easy to remember, easy to pray the most. Today, to celebrate the Rosary, let us pray and contemplate Mother let her learn to pray.

What is the Rosary?

Rosary is a string of beads composed of a hundred and fifty grains, including one hundred and fifty Hail divided into fifteen decade, a dozen meditate on the mystery of a life of Jesus. Start each decade is a Father, and ending with a Glory Be (The Dictionary of Mary. Rosary trg 62). Nowadays, people think of various types for convenient rosary in pocket, wallet or laptop right in the finger strap. Rosary can be made of wood every ten business chain compact easy to carry. There are silver chains to be worn on your finger an easy road to pray. Beads made of fabric, with nylon. Rosary means are those with art, these artists think of how the stars strung for convenience to all Christians can use the rosary, prayer and thanksgiving. However, stringing beads dozen years, the equivalent of a mystery joyful, sorrowful, the Good is more common.

Rosary is the term used to describe particle clusters strung a ten seeds. This chain XIV century, like a string of previous believers still use to read the Lord’s Prayer. However, followers of other religions also use other kinds of stringing or similar device to count their prayers (See above, p 62).


Christians have known since ancient times used to pray the rosary and to pray the rosary forms seem very ordinary but they bring so many benefits to the members of the Lord. Where Christians can rosary in church, where family, traveling, in the car, winter or alone. Rosary is still easy form of prayer but help Christians to pray fervently and spiritual benefit a lot. Dominic a saint has spread very positive Rosary 13 century against Albigeois heresy and sages have established the Dominican Sisters to transmit her rosary. In fact, from the twelfth century appeared to form prayer rosaries, but since then until today, the Rosary has become the prayer that all Christians are happy to pray. Pope Paul VI wrote: “The Rosary is a prayer that I love most. It’s great doing great voi.Tuyet in simplicity and profound. With this prayer we repeat many times the words that the Virgin had heard the angel Ga-bri-en and cousin Elijah and Elizabeth told him. The whole Church at prayer associated with it. One can also say that the Rosary is trading glossary final chapter in the Constitution “Lumen Gentium” of Vatican Council II, to the great chapter of Mary in the mystery of Christ and the Church. Because in the words of the Rosary, the main events of Christ’s life took place in front souls. The events that include all the mysteries joyful, sorrowful, and they help the Gospel living communion with Christ and can say that through the heart of his Mother. At the same time, with the decade of the Rosary, our hearts may recall these events make up the lives of individuals, families, nations, the Church and humanity … Thus, economic Rosary is all simple rhythm of human life “. (Apostolic letter:” Towards the Millennium Tuesday “).

Rosary very beneficial to Christians when they know how to apply each of the mystery of Jesus in their daily lives. The Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be Holy Mary will weave a fragrant necklace sacrifice, charity and offered to God through Mary, the human will to the Lord.


Rosary ceremony helps us understand that Mary is full of grace. Mother had blessed are you among women, and mother was loved by God, chosen for the Mother of God, the Mother of Jesus Christ and Mother of mankind. Loving mother of humanity, love each person, loving each and thus worthy Mother Mother Mary, Queen of heaven dat.Me day 13 10 May 1917 years in Fatima Portugal, appeared to three children Lucia, Giacinta and Francis, Mother told my father: “I am the Lady of the Rosary … I want people to build a chapel here to remember my glasses. You keep the rosary every day. ” Earlier in May, 1917 years, Mary also told my father: “You pray the Rosary every day, to obtain peace and end the war.”

Lady of the Rosary celebration for all Christians to tell the world that “the rosary is strung you know how chemical” because this chain and prayers to pray the rosary with a solid foundation in the Bible. The “Our Father” taught by Jesus to his disciples, “Hail Mary” is the greeting of the angel Gabriel and her greeting Elijah and Elizabeth. Beijing “Holy Mary” is the prayer of the Church and of each of us. Beijing “Glory” ends each mystery in honor of the Trinity. Therefore, when Our Lady appeared to three children in Fatima has confirmed the title of Mother of the Rosary. Mom loved the rosary, and she also wants mankind to use the rosary every day and pray during his lifetime.


Rosary prayer is easy to read and pray, anybody can use to pray the rosary. This is a method of prayer and easily affordable for everyone. What also cozy and beautiful when families gather together before the altar to pray the rosary every evening or parishioners to pray the rosary together in church. Mary has always invited humanity, invites each of us to repent, pray diligently with the Rosary. Certainly, when diligently rosary with fervent sentiments, Mary will be very pleased and begged the Lord pour down blessings for us.

O Mary, help us to love the Rosary to ask her to bring us to Jesus, the Son of Me.Amen.


1. Mary Rosary claim to be located? With whom? And when?
2. Rosary with platform where?
3. Rosary is the way how to pray?
4. Need Rosary where?

Father Joseph Nguyen Hung Loi, DCCT

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