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“My waist, her apostolate that was it open, all day in the office with a pile of records!”

Well, the fact is that. I was working in an office with the paperwork and records going through his desk every day. Awarded work, I realized that this was a mistake, an apostolate limited in the small office with approximately two dozen colleagues exposed every day. But I do not doubt that she reacted like that! Reactive attitude and the expression of her very nature has not surprised me because I have insomnia and heard the expression “comment” about the work I do this several times. So what is the apostolate? Did I need to serve large numbers of people and where the public is present before? Or I can still enforce the apostolate is in place silently, tiny little known? And I have found the answer every time look beyond the bars.

A quarter of my office wall is glass, so when throwing gaze through a large door but I could see outside activities. Red electric blue line change continuously for each queue convoy traffic safety; Hurry people, who slowly walked their way to work or meetings; sometimes bloodcurdling howling whistle of fire trucks or ambulances raced through the well pull my attention. Every morning to the office and before embarking on the job, I have a habit of quiet for a moment of prayer. And I usually do it before the glass door. In quiet moments, I looked across the bars and see that she was awarded the job execution.

In a class I see that she was arranging articles and tools for students. Her classroom at that time so layered, organized, order, and very quiet. There are noises from the classroom, she was quick to come out to welcome students. Respond to her greeting is sometimes mixed greeting fun laughter; at the same time, there are three sob demanding, demanding mother and demanded to go on. She is a professor of early childhood children should have even more “mantle” on her. Sometimes she is an affectionate mother coaxed the children to stay in school, eat more pieces of rice, drank glasses of milk. Sometimes she is a stern father corrected the mistakes and missed the right directions. As a doctor cool hand, she bandaged the wound as they fall abrasions; at the same time, she was also a joke makes you laugh to forget the pain when fingers were clamped door … I united with her and offered the prayer asked God to bless the work you do and blessings on the soul children.

Other times when looking through the bars I found myself standing in a large kitchen. I saw her for the high toe to stir the soup on the stove. She was busy with the duties meals to students. Thoan escape from the warehouse taken napkin, to the refrigerator mold out of the bottle and locker next to her husband pulled out the disc tray, she worked continuously. Each tray was she prepared, tasty arrangement. Mealtime alarm student’s point, she turned into a form of “sellers”. Use sweet words, she “seduced” them to eat everything on the tray. Sometimes you become a model to set an example for the children to eat new foods. Her duties have not come here before! She also continues to wash dishes, cleaning the kitchen, clean the table and eat, and prepare for the next meal … Through the bars, I watched her one day that also feel tired. I earnestly ask God to strengthen its support to the body even though she tired but her soul is quietly disengaged union with Him.

Then one day I saw through the glass door behind iron fence she was crouched walkways clean sweep leaves and flowers huddled cultivate. She has white hair euphoria old should carry diseases and for joint pain seems to travel so difficult, but she remained faithful to the responsibility has been given. Her job as obscure as her duty when the house is unoccupied, the visitors rarely frequented looking at flowers she planted, and most are just a gust of wind is enough to make me the strength she has accrued charges to sweep leaves. Dry leaves covered walkway is listed as signs she never sweep a roof. Looking down at his chest watches shirt, she saw there was a few minutes and then holding brooms sweep … On her continued hard work my heart rise effusive emotion. I went towards our hearts to the Lord and offered prayers. I thank God for people like my sister and asked her to be in communion with the Lord as to beautify the home.

Disastrous events occur American country shaken and changed many people. Looking through the door I saw the flag, but the flag flapping on a roof, and it reminded me of the horror of that day. Today the glass door as a television screen showed me step by thousands of fellow human beings died in the rubble. They could go quickly or smoothly as death threats choppy playing in front of them every minute. I hurt with them, and take care of the soul is standing at the door of death. I offered to Mary plea, the court asked Mother of God for the election of the soul has passed; at the same time, asking her angels sent to comfort God which lives buried by piles of bricks and prepare them to meet God in the hearts of peace, accept …

Today I believe a friend or colleague in the army reserve soldiers were told to report to training camp to prepare to go into battle if necessary. Now standing in front of the window but I saw many families sadly parted. They tightened bracelet hook too fragile happy because tomorrow they knew each other there. Again, I see the other side of the globe the outbreak of war, echoing gunfire, smoke ruins, people killed collapsed, who lost, who lost their homes, lost their homeland. The disaster led to another because the ambition, selfishness and fanaticism of these individuals. Standing in front of this situation I felt so helpless and uttered the words: Lord, ye children stabbing each other. Please have mercy …

From the workplace, a small office, but when he looked through the door I do not see the bustle of the outside activities, but I have to look and feel the pulse of life perhaps fellow human beings. The world I was staying there much pain and tears; every misfortune, disaster and injustice brought to each other are derived from selfish ambitions and personal. Fellow human beings and more people not recognizing the immense love of God; they are longing to find the truth, to find the truth but do not know where to start. I am unable to be with them to ease the pain, reconciliation injustice and speak about God. But I can unite with other souls are behind the bars, walls. We along with prayer asking God wiped tears and gave the victim of the times and circumstances have hands help, support, consolation. My apostolic though limited to a small office with a group of people, but my apostolic spirit to everyone, everywhere, every place.

                                                                                                                             Sr. Snow Down, FMSR

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